SUPERFAT Soap 12 Month Subscription 1 Bar Per Month

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Soap Farm Superfat Soap 12 month subscription

Our SUPERFAT Soap 12 Month Subscription is for our most loyal soap fans. Save money, time, and energy. You get: 1 or 2 six ounce bars (same scent) per month. Choose between four scent categories: Herbal (all natural), Artisanal, Floral, Masculine and Unscented. Celebrate your freedom from the shopping aisles and parking lots. Better yet, give it as a gift and you will be remembered, lauded and revered.

How It Works: On the first day of each month we will ship you 1 or 2 bars of soap (of the following scents. The best part is you're committing to all natural, made in USA, handcrafted soap.

Herbal: Ginger-Lemongrass, French Lavender, Raspberry-Patchouli, Rosemary-Lemon-Sage, Eucalyptus-Mint, Tea Tree with a Twist

Artisanal: Mexi-Cocoa, Orange-Fennel, Chocolate-Mint, Tahitian Vanilla, Oatmeal-Clove, Cabernet (with grape seed)

Floral: Jasmine, White Gardenia, Victorian Rose, Lemon Verbena, Honeysuckle-Orange, Plumeria

Masculine: Bay Rum, Masculine Musk, Frankincense & Myrrh, Free (Unscented), Water, Sea Kelp 

Fine Print: *We require up to date contact information and mailing address. Ships free via USPS mail on the 1st of each month.