Shower Favors? Yeah, We Do That.

Posted by Vanessa C on Oct 12th 2017

Okay here are two of my favorite things coming together: Handmade soap and babies (In that order.)  I am thrilled to be offering these Oatmeal Clove mini bars - it's one of our most ama … read more

New Day of the Dead Soaps - Sugar Skulls!

Oct 5th 2017

Like many Americans I am fascinated with the Mexican sugar skulls. They are gorgeous, elaborate works of hand painted art with stories behind each one. As an homage, we created the Sugar Skull guest s … read more

Can Bar Soap Change the World? You Bet.

Oct 3rd 2017

I couldn't agree more, of course, with these sentiments as we ponder the largely non-eco friendly ways liquid soap is still packaged: In plastic. Bar soap travels better, men prefer it, kids love it ( … read more