Q: What is SUPERFAT Soap?

A: Superfat is a soap making term which defines the emoilience percentage of the finished soap – and also the name of our all natural soap line.

What is in your soaps?

A: Our soaps are comprised of one or more of the following food grade oils: Coconut, olive, sweet almond, avocado, hemp seed, palm and added butters like shea, hemp or cocoa. They also contain fragrance or essential oils, natural exfoliants like oatmeal, sea kelp, corn meal, almond, and finely crushed herbs. They may also contain synthetic or natural colorants (based on recipe).

Can I use your soap on my face?

A: Our soaps are gentle enough for the face however we caution using fragrance or any exfoliants on this gentle skin. Often soaps specifically designed for the face contain less fragrance and a different formulation which is why we recommend using a designated facial soap.

Are your colorants natural?

A: We use a mix of colorants. Yes, they are naturally derived. Some are clays, spices, food powder, oxides. Liquid colorants are synthetic (used in a few of our glycerin soaps.) As a rule we try to keep colorants to a minimum, and any synthetic colorant is used in less than .05% in the final product.

What are “parabens” and “sulfates”? 

A: Parabens and sulfates have received a lot of attention. Parabens refer to methylparabens and propylparabens; preservatives used in numerous cosmetics and bath products. Sulfates are surfactants found in many soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and detergents that cause suds and lather.

What is the difference between an essential oil and fragrance?

A: An essential oil is a naturally achieved liquid from the leaves, stem, roots, flowers or other parts of plants through distillation. They are effectively used for aromatherapy and have a long history of documented therapeutic benefits for the body. A fragrance is a chemically manufactured oil blend, like a perfume, and does not contain any aromatherapeutic benefits.

Are your products 100% vegan and animal cruelty free?

A: Yes and yes. We have no animal products or byproducts in our products and we oppose animal testing 1000%.

Who is your soap good for?

A: Our soap is perfectly suited for those with dry skin, sensitive skin, eczema, and normal skin types.

How long do your soaps last?

A: With average bath use, our six ounce bars last 2-3 weeks. It will last months as a hand soap.

What makes your soaps different than store bought commercial soaps?

A: Our all natural soaps can be scientifically classified as 100% all natural. They do not contain synthetic surfactants (foamers) or any manufactured additives or preservatives. Due to the fact they don’t contain these ingredients; our soap leaves little residue or scum in the shower.


I want a special blend or custom made soap. Will you do this?

A: Yes, we love custom orders.

Where do you get your ingredients from?

A: We source all of our ingredients through established American cosmetic and food wholesale suppliers with whom we’ve had long standing business relationships with.

What makes your soaps different than other handcrafted all natural soaps?

A: Our soaps contain many of the exact same ingredients as other all natural soaps. Where we may differ is in our labeling. We fully disclose all ingredients according to proper labeling guidelines. As a rule, we do not practice “selective labeling.” We also like BIG bars. Many handcrafted soaps are 4 oz. Ours are always 6 oz.