Good Luck All Day Today

Oct 13th 2017

Why let a little thing like Friday the 13th spoil your day? Take advantage of the best prices of the year. We are unloading so we can reload inventory. As we like to say, Our Loss is Your Gain. Superf … read more

Shower Favors? Yeah, We Do That.

Posted by Vanessa C on Oct 12th 2017

Okay here are two of my favorite things coming together: Handmade soap and babies (In that order.)  I am thrilled to be offering these Oatmeal Clove mini bars - it's one of our most ama … read more

New Day of the Dead Soaps - Sugar Skulls!

Oct 5th 2017

Like many Americans I am fascinated with the Mexican sugar skulls. They are gorgeous, elaborate works of hand painted art with stories behind each one. As an homage, we created the Sugar Skull guest s … read more

Can Bar Soap Change the World? You Bet.

Oct 3rd 2017

I couldn't agree more, of course, with these sentiments as we ponder the largely non-eco friendly ways liquid soap is still packaged: In plastic. Bar soap travels better, men prefer it, kids love it ( … read more


Posted by Vanessa C on Sep 15th 2017

This is subject to change but mostly locked in. Thank you to all who voted! You were heard! … read more