The Ramie Bath Pouf and Why We Should Use It

Posted by Vanessa C on Apr 3rd 2018

  The fact is most of use soaps, scrubs, sponges, cloths and exfoliants that are too harsh for our skin. With more and more of the population becoming sensitive skin types, we need to recons … read more

Faux Vegan

Feb 1st 2018

As someone who has never been a makeup buff (missing gene), I can truly take it or leave it. Ironically I find myself looking more and more at labels perhaps due to the more experienced I get with bod … read more

See You In DC

Posted by Vanessa C on Oct 30th 2017

Soap Farm is popping up in Washington D.C! Come see me this Sunday November 5th at West Elm Logan Circle (their only DC store) and ask me questions about soap, ingredients, body care, or the weather; … read more

Good Luck All Day Today

Oct 13th 2017

Why let a little thing like Friday the 13th spoil your day? Take advantage of the best prices of the year. We are unloading so we can reload inventory. As we like to say, Our Loss is Your Gain. Superf … read more

Shower Favors? Yeah, We Do That.

Posted by Vanessa C on Oct 12th 2017

Okay here are two of my favorite things coming together: Handmade soap and babies (In that order.)  I am thrilled to be offering these Oatmeal Clove mini bars - it's one of our most ama … read more