Posted by Vanessa C on Mar 5th 2021

Magazine Wrap Superfat Soap BACK For a Limited Time...

I'm B A C K...It's been a long time, about six years since we sold some of these bars to Dov Charney in Los Angeles but 2021 is the year to welcome back the Magazine Wrapped Soap. What is it? Somewhere in 2008 I decided in an effort to reuse my many high end magazines (from Conde Nast publications), these papers would make excellent decorative wraps for my bars of Superfat Soap. This year we're committing to 100% recycled paper labels to top off the effort to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Making great artisanal soap is at the core of what I do best but with an eye towards ecology and business best practices, we take the standard bar of bath soap and wrap it in a piece of the past. Print media is going the way of the CD and we want to salvage the magazine page for its aesthetics, its place in history-as well as its contribution to recycling. Each bar of our 6 oz. all natural soap is hand-wrapped in high quality magazine paper and is labeled with 100% recycled paper labels. Striving for zero impact packaging, we found this is one creative way to do it. The bath and beauty industry is at the top of the list for plastic polluters in the world; I want to change that. Oh, and by using bar soap you've fought half the battle; bar soap is better for the earth than liquid in a bottle.