Posted by Vanessa C on Jan 12th 2021

Essential Sisal Washcloths Back in Stock


These washcloths need no selling: They're durable, sustainable, gentle yet exfoliating, and affordable. I like to wash mine in the washer on delicate and feel better that I can clean it as needed. With liquid body wash you need a cloth or sponge (otherwise you are wasting a lot of soap) and these do the job. Better than a cotton washcloth because they exfoliate and improve skin texture and it sloughs off dead skin. Sisal is plant-based from the agave plant is 100% renewable. Back in stock by popular demand. Take advantage of the buy more, save more discount.

* Be sure to always keep your sponges, cloths and bath accessories out of the water for the longest life. Mold is tough to combat in showers but keeping your washcloths hanging to dry will make them last longer.